I made this collage last Saturday in an art workshop. It’s of my safe, nurturing place. Enveloped by the long winter night sky I have a magical golden bowl which fills up with whatever I want to eat, just by imagining it. My companions are Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky “She who protects” and a fox. There is an opening and a path which leads to a magical kingdom, but for now I stay inside and dream. A flowering vine is my front door and a pile of brilliant autumn leaves lies on my doorstep for when I want to sit outside for a while.


Hibernaculum 20″ x 23″

Hibernate – (from Latin hibernus meaning “winter”) to spend wintertime in a deep slumber thus surviving on stored nourishment within the body.

Hibernaculum – a shelter occupied during the winter by a dormant animal


One thought on “Hibernaculum

  1. To me it represents a tactile expression of the colours of the chakra; from the earthy red tones of the fox – unfurling to the rich spiritual tones of purple.

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