London Town

I went to London over New Year’s. One of the world’s great cities with layers upon layers of history. I started to get, for the first time, a sense of how the city is laid out and how different areas segue into one another. On this trip my favorite part was walking along the South Bank.

I also became fascinated with the glass and concrete pavement lights in Soho, dating from the 1880’s. I took dozens of photos and am planning a series of fibre art pieces based on these designs.

luxfer-london.jpg luxcrete-lon-streelight-1.jpg glascrete-london.jpg

hayward-w-tiles.jpg luxcrete-round.jpg hayward-w-grid.jpg

The manufacturers had names like Lenscrete, Luxfer and Luxcrete. Some of these companies are still in business, making glass and concrete architectural features. During the daytime, light filters down into the subterrerean storage areas below the shops.

There were plants growing beneath some of them.


At nighttime, light comes up from below.


I especially liked the ones outside of the Soho Curzon cinema which had colored lights.



Have a look in my web album to see what else I saw.


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