I’ve started to make money from my art! These pieces combine my photography, stitch and painting.


Cow 73

One day last summer I walked home and at the bottom of my driveway there was a black cow with ’73’ tattooed on it’s flank. I called Jenny, the farmer who pastures her cattle in the fields around my house and her left a message. I never knew what happened to that cow.



Birch Trees, London

Some have words and poems written on the back.



Southbank Shadows



Big Ben

Artmoney was conceived and developed in 1997 by Lars Kraemmer, a Danish artist. Each piece of art money is worth 27 euros (34USD/18GBP). The constraints are that is must be 12cm x 18cm (4.75″ x 7″) and able to stand handling without breaking or staining. To find out more, including how and where to spend it (or to register as an artmoney artist and make your own!) visit


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