Wearable Art

One of my mottos is ‘Wear your Art’. I love to buy artist/designer made clothing, jewelry and accessories. However, its not always easy to find just the perfect colour, fit or shape when at a designer shop or craft fair. So I am just starting to make my own fibre art scarves and jewelry to my specifications.

The first one is the result of serendipity. I made this piece while I was dyeing some cotton fabric with Procion dyes. I thought ‘What the heck, I’ll throw in some leftover wool quilt batting (wadding) and see how it comes out.”


Fuschia Stole

“Very Scrumptious” is the answer. I’ve had this piece of beautifully coloured, soft and cloud-like wool for a few years. It is way too gorgeous to put in between layers of fabric so I’ve had it draped in my studio. I went to London for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to go well with my travelling outfit. Actually I couldn’t find my favourite charcoal grey cashmere scarf, so I wrapped the piece of dyed batting around my neck and ‘Voila’ my first piece of wearable art.

It needs some sort of a brooch to keep it in place when I wear it as a stole. I am in love with the jewelry designed by the Viennese artist/designer Josef Hoffmann. I will make my first fibre art brooch based on his designs to wear with my stole.


Seafoam Necklace

I made this piece in March at a nuno felt workshop taught by Val Diggle, a Devon-based craftswoman. I used a beautiful piece of sea green silk chiffon as the base and worked in blue and natural merino wool. The most amazing part of the process was when the piece got rolled into a long sausage shape and bashed around a bit, then rinsed in hot water. This causes the wool to shrink and the silk chiffon ruches beautifully. Nuno felt is a lot lighter in weight than all-wool felt. This is a really nice piece to wear in the Spring and early Summertime, when the evenings are just a little bit chilly. The salamander pin I am wearing is Art Deco and made from sterling silver and marcasite.

Stylist/Photographer: Anthea De La Roche

E: de.laroche@virgin.net


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