The Handweavers Studio

The last time I was in London I asked someone where I can find dyed merino wool for needle punching. The Handweavers Studio in Walthamstow was suggested, so off I went. The studio is located in a cornerhws15.jpg shop in a residential neighbourhood.

They stock all manner of fibres, yarns, fleece, looms and spinning equipment. They carry a wide range of books and also offer courses in loom weaving, tapestry weaving, spinning, felt making and dyeing. They invite visitors to ‘touch and play with it all’. Which I did.


“I came, I touched, I bought”



hws11.jpg hws12.jpg hws24.jpg

hws19.jpg hws7.jpg hws25.jpg

hws10.jpg hws8.jpg hws17.jpg

the handweavers studio

29 Haroldstone Rd., London E17 7AN



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