love & happiness

Today I found love and happiness right on the streets of my city.

imgp0399_resize.jpg imgp0397_resize.jpg

And I wasn’t even looking for it. It reminded me that………………aw the heck with profundity. It made me smile to see these Universal symbols right at my feet!

I was, however looking for fabric. Double-sided fusible pelmet interfacing aka Fast-2-Fuse to be precise. My friend Seán who is a Percussionist, occasional Concert Stage Designer, Keeper of the Beaver-gnawed Branches and my wonderful Art Photographer had told me of a fantastic place with the most wonderful atmosphere: busy women heads full of ideas, problem solving, modifying options and surrounded by cozy fabrics. He had bought some shiny material that changes colour depending on the light angle; the sort of stuff Nigerians or Tuaregs use for national costumes so he said. I was incredulous that such an Aladdin’s Cave existed in the Westcountry and he directed me to:


Exeter Fabric Centre

The store is HUGE on the inside and carries everything from gingham and seersucker to silk dupioni and satin. And just about some of everything in between. I purchased some double-sided fusible stuff that I’ve never used before so will try it out the next time I make one of my books. Its not as ‘puffy’ as Fast-2-Fuse, a bit more refined and elegant.

I also bought some gunmetal grey silk dupioni, matching metallic thread and some cornflower blue satin ribbon for a special book I am planning to make for someone.


The women who work at the shop are very helpful and full of sewing knowledge and suggestions which they are happy to share. They are equally happy to let one browse. They have a decent selection of notions: buttons, braid, ribbons, trims, etc.

imgp0409_resize.jpg   imgp0413_resize.jpg

imgp0403_resize.jpg   imgp0416_resize.jpg

imgp0408_resize.jpg   imgp0406_resize.jpg

 imgp0405_resize.jpg   imgp0411_resize.jpg

 Exeter Fabric Centre definitely makes up for the lack of specialist items with a wide variety of all things textile and fibre-related.


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