Today I leave for a 5 1/2 week visit to my Homeland, the USA.  I said ‘au revoir’ to John and Titch and gathered together essential documents, including a map of Southeastern States, as I will be traveling in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

I stopped overnight in London to visit my cousins, the Neuvilles and to meet my beautiful newest cousin Lucy Grace.


Amazing Grace


The next morning I got the train to Gatwick.


After a stressful check-in process involving putting things into plastic bags, removing shoes and quickly learning Not to Ask Awkward Questions and to Do as I am Told, I hung around in the Departure Lounge.   


This is a strange transitory place with people coming and going in the curious in-beteen state of the traveller.  The seasoned travellers looked very blase, while others looked quite frightened to be away from their home patch.  All seemed determined to assert their personalities in their choice of carry-on baggage, travel garb and accoutrements.

I had my last British food for awhile – a bacon butty and a nice cup of tea.  Then wandered around until it was time to board my flight.





I absolutely love to fly.  I get to eat food and watch movies, two of my favorite things.  A curious incident when I got into the airport in Atlanta……Once I had collected my luggage I had to send everything through the x-ray machine again and they took the water bottle I had gotten on the plane!  I guess they can’t be too complacent these days.  Who knows? Perhaps one could construct a WMD from materials gathered on a Boeing 777.  Who’da thunk it!

Anyhow its really good to be among my Own Kind for a while.

My lovely cousin Bob and his daughter Julie met me at the airport and we went out to dinner at the Midway Grill in Cunning, GA.  I had chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread with butter and honey and sweet tea to drink.  I adore Southern cuisine.


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