Dibona Designs

Before I arrived in Georgia, I found out about a really interesting ‘Altered Altars’ workshop taught by mixed media artist Patricia Dibona.  I wasn’t going to be in town during the workshop, so Pat invited me to her studio to hang out, see her work, share some of mine and to create together.

Pat has a graphic art background and creates really cool mixed media assemblages.  Through her work she is able to express her intuitive spiritual nature within a unique style of painting and collage “pollage”.  Her work offers a message of love, healing, inspiration and just plain fun!


Queen for the Day




Pat’s Studio

Pat runs her graphic art business from her studio and has a thriving mail order business from which she sells rubber stamps, paints, molds, transparencies, original art work and all manner of things for you to create with.  She has drawers and drawers full of ephemera, found objects and other goodies.  Pat also teaches some fantastic workshops which are advertised on her website.  After a few hours of creativity in her studio, we went to dinner at a fabulous supermarket/eatery called Whole Foods.






Fly Away 

W:  www.dibonadesigns.com


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