My Cousins

kathrynshands.jpgI have been staying with my wonderful relations in Mooresville, NC.  I’ve had a great time sharing art making and creative talent with my eight year-old cousin Kathryn.  She is a musician and plays the guitar, violin and piano.  She tried to teach me to play chords on the piano, but I am not as musically talented as I am artistic!

Kathryn is learning to play the Turkish March by W.A. Mozart and it was lovely to be serenaded throughout the day as she practiced.  She also has a beautiful, melodic singing voice.  We went out shopping for some art supplies one day and while we were driving through Mooresville looking for an ‘old-timey’ water tower to photograph we sang Moonshadow together.



Kathryn is a natural visual artist in that she is able to look at the world around her and really see it.  I gave her some drawing lessons and she learned about perspective, proportion, value and working with new media and techniques.



Kathryn’s four year-old brother John joined us in some art making.  He is an ace computer game player and the clown of the family.



John, Blue Monkey and Jub-jub


Super Mario



Kathryn’s youngest brother is James who is two.  He has the most beautiful eyes and dimples.



James is a great hopper and galloper and loves to have an audience.  He plays a really cool interactive computer game called ‘Baby Wow!’ which teaches words and counting and has amazing graphics.  He and I also played Barbershop in which he alternately combed my hair and then tickled my neck and shoulders with the comb, sending us both into fits of giggling.



The Clan


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