one story town

Some more photos from Charlotte. This time from Morehead Street near I-77. It was a blistering hot early evening. I’d just been to the cinema to see ‘Once’ and was not happy with how the film ended. True to life? Possibly. Still, I would have liked for her to be with someone who could understand and love the place where her music came from.

Some of these buildings I looked at were in the tricky and transitional place between no longer serving their original or even second purpose and had not yet been bought for outrageous sums of money with the aim of gentrification.

How long until the Children’s Haircuts storefront becomes a trendy coffee bar?


Will The Coffee Cup retain its down-at-the-heel shabbiness as the land North, West, South and East around it become built up with condos and office buildings?


What will become of the 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline quietly rusting on a grass verge down an alley?


No one knows for sure. I guess I’ll go back and have a look sometime and let you all know. Unless I’ve managed to inspire some of you to go and see for your selves. Some more photos in the album below.

one story town

2 thoughts on “one story town

  1. i love the old car mine is just like it i own a 48 chevrolet fleetline also. i am looking for parts for it though, and i was wondering if anyone has any connections

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