Southern Fried Chick

When I was in Greenville last week I met a Southern Fried Folk Artist who paints on fabric and makes it 3D with beads and thread.


Susan Sorrell


Susan lives life in Glorious Technicolor and her favorite color is red because ‘it is obnoxious, vibrant and loud’. She took my friend Heidi and I out to her studio which is located in Solteria Studios at Poe Mill, an old textile section of Greenville. There are about 20 different artists in the space and it seems like a really cool community.

Some of Susan’s work:




In addition to making and selling her artwork, Susan teaches online fiber art classes and marries people for a living. No, she doesn’t practice polyandry. Susan is a Notary and can perform marriage ceremonies. She has teamed up with photographer Anne K. Taylor to form ‘Weddings in a Flash’. A service for couples who want to get married without the expense and fuss of a large wedding. Susan and Anne will come to meet you anywhere to perform and record the wedding ceremony: a park, at home, in the laundromat where you met – you name it!


Ring Susan on (864) 233 8934

or visit her website –


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