Sleeping in the Treetops

I went visiting in Wakefield last week and stayed with my cousin Jane who lives in a house surrounded by two acres of woods.  It is an oasis set in the hot, flat farmlands of eastern Virginia.  I got to sleep in the screened-in treehouse (!) which was built several years ago when their children were small.


I found a mosquito net in the house and enough sleeping bags, blankets and pillows to make a comfy nest. 


Goldie kept me company a couple of nights. . . . .


After dark, I crunched throught the leaves and found my way out to my sleeping quarters with the aid of a flashlight.  The moon rose just past midnight and softly filtered through the treetops.  I awoke to birdsong and a rooster crowing in the distance.  By the way, the second full moon in June was a Blue Moon – so called when it is full twice in a calendar month.  A rare occurence, hence the phrase ‘Once in a blue moon’.  A very powerful moon to wish on. 


Morning View


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