The Beaded Frog

I paid a visit to my friend Heidi while I was in Greenville.  I met her in 2002 when I had just sold my first quilt to a couple in Davidson, NC.  I went to The Sewing Bird, a quilt shop in Charlotte to see if they had any silk velvet that I could use to wrap it in.  Heidi was into quilting at the time and we struck up a friendship that has continued long distance.  She took me on my very first visit to Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia. 


Heidi now lives in Greenville and owns The Beaded Frog – a full service bead store in the downtown area.  Her shop offers classes, beads galore, custom design and repairs.  The shop has a very good vibe:  friendly and welcoming with lots of creativity going on.  As well as running a great shop Heidi is an art collector, promoter of emerging artists and a jewelry designer.  She is on a spiritual path which we spent a good deal of time talking about.  I think of Heidi as a breathtakingly level-headed angel.


bf4.jpg  bf6.jpg

bf7.jpg   bf5.jpg


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