Train Graffiti

After one of my visits to NoDa in Charlotte as I was driving along Tryon back towards downtown, I caught a tantalizing glimpse of graffiti in a trainyard. I parked the car and walked in amongst the trains to photograph graffiti on some boxcars. I wonder where these cars were when they were painted. I wonder how far they have travelled. I wonder who the artist is and if he or she got chased off before they were finished. Who or what is Noir Mylk?

This is a photo sharing format called ‘Slide’. I kind of like the vintage photo album format. You, the viewer, can click on ‘View all images’ to have a look at the photos in a format that you can control. This is especially for you Jenny!

3 thoughts on “Train Graffiti

  1. Hi Melinda,
    I have been following your travels. You must be due home soon as you have to prepare for Devon Art works! Not much time left, or did you get it all ready before you went away?

  2. Striking colourful graffiti art, thanks for the new viewing format Melinda, it is easier on the eye with the page turning and the slide show is in a satisfying layout.

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