Happy Birthday


Marty and the Rocket Cake, 1963

Today is the first birthday of ‘Inspiraculum’. This blog started out a year ago as ‘Sparky’s World’ with my Forever Autumn post. It was originally conceived to keep a friend of mine in California up on my musings, happenings and ramblings. Well, by the Springtime, it had transformed into ‘Inspiraculum’ and now has about 50 visitors a day! I have a few regulars and others who stumble in while searching for such various and sundry topics as graffiti, photography, food from the Middle Ages, Shoeless Joe Jackson, lutrador, William Blake . . . . . .

Life is a journey and I use my blog as a waymark to chart the Ramblings of a Rural and Urban Flaneur. There’s a lot to discover and explore out there (and in here!). It’s nice to take a break, consider, look at a thing from all sides for awhile, then carry on with the journey.

I’m glad that I am able to inspire you all, because this is really what it’s all about. Exploring the world and sharing what I find. Putting my unique and quirky spin on the things that capture my attention and hopefully giving you the opportunity to see things in a different way. Thanks for everyone’s comments and support!

Keep coming back. . . . . . . . .


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