‘Olcombe ‘Anging

This past Sunday I installed my first big commissioned art quilt. When I was working at the University of Exeter, I made a couple of baby quilts for two new fathers in the office. My colleague Steve asked if he and his wife Dee could meet with me to commission a wall quilt for their foyer. The upshot was a 4.5′ x 8′ land and sea scape reflecting the area surrounding their home in Holcombe, Devon.

panel1.jpg panel2.jpg panel4.jpg


The wall it hangs on has a window to the right which lets in natural light . So I designed the quilt panels to go from dark to light; from dense fields & hedgerows to cliff faces to headlands to the final panel of sea and sky.



I had it photographed on Saturday and hung it on Sunday after which we celebrated with cups of tea and bacon butties. It was very satisfying to design and complete it and the first time that I have been asked to make a piece for a specific site.


One thought on “‘Olcombe ‘Anging

  1. Really really magnificent. My favorite of all I’ve seen here. I love the intricate stitching too, and overall the way you were able to create a sense of a vast landscape. Wow. Well done.

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