Old Buildings

Yesterday, I was driving north out of Charlotte, NC on I-77.  I intended to go to the state park on the north shore of Lake Norman and walk in the woods there and take some photos.  I spied the skeletal structure of a decrepit barn to my right and got off the freeway at exit-33 to see if I could find it.  I skirted around the new Lowe’s development in Mooresville, made my way to Langtree Road and hit paydirt.   I never made it out to Lake Norman, but wiled away a couple of hours exploring the light and textures and shapes around these old buildings I found.


It had rained long and hard a couple days before and this barn smelled like wet timber with a strong undernote of dry leaves.  There were lots of birds singing and flying from tree to tree.  The wind was blowing and made the corruated steel panels that were still attached to the frame creak and bang in a most companionable manner.  The autumn sunlight gave a luminous, Vermeeresque quality to the weathered interior and discarded objects. 


Even though I was only about 200 yards from the highway there was such a feeling of peace and quietude about that place.  I think that originally the big barn had been used for animals and the long low shed next to it had been some sort of engineering operation.  More photos in the album below.

Old Buildings

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