Brixham Harbour

On Saturday, my friend John and I went to Brixham to check out second hand film cameras at Mifsuds and to have a look around the town and harbour. The day started out misty, but the sun broke through just after noon. The bright colours of the fishing nets and the boats reflected in the calm, mirror-like harbour were stunning after the winter-long palette of greys, browns and greens around Langdale Farm.



Please have a look at some more photos in my album:

Vodpod videos no longer available.





7 thoughts on “Brixham Harbour

  1. Hi….I see you use wordpress and have a picasa album embedded in your post…how did you do it? Hope u can reply me via my email add?

    Thanks a million!


  2. I am trying to do it, and I am all confused as well, I would love a bit of help too adding Picasa. a tutorial for dummies would be most welcome. thnx

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