The Color of Love

Marc Chagall is my favorite painter. I love his dreamy, romantic images and his vivid color palette which communicates happiness and optimism. His quirky goats, roosters and fishes. He started drawing and writing poetry when he was quite young. Against his parents wishes, he decided to pursue his passion to be an artist.

‘My art is an extravagant art, a flaming vermillion, a blue soul flooding over my paintings’


La Marie, 1950

There is a very good overview of Marc Chagall’s life at The Worldwide Art Gallery

In 1915 he married the great love of his life and soul-mate, Bella Rosenfeld. She was the constant subject in many of his paintings and his companion in life until her death in 1944.


The Birthday, 1915



The Woman and the Roses, 1929



The Lovers

In 2005 I was commissioned to make a very special art quilt to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of Bernard and Connie Kortick. I was given a completely free rein in the design and chose a Marc Chagall painting as my inspiration. I used Angelina fibres and organza for the rooster’s body and machine embroidered the couple embracing in his tail feathers. It turned out that Marc Chagall is one of Connie’s favorite artists and they have some of his prints in their home! Pretty amazing coincidence.


The Color of Love, 2005


On the back of the quilt, I wrote a quote by Chagall using Markal Oil Paint Sticks.



I’ve seen a collection of Chagalls drawings at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and few of his paintings in the Guggenheim in Manhattan. The last time I was in Paris I made a special visit to the Opéra Garnier to see the ceiling he had painted in 1964. The building itself is very beautiful, but Chagall’s ceiling moved me to tears.



Opéra Garnier celing


Opéra Garnier celing – detail



Some of my Chagall dreams are


  • to see a major exhibition of his work (I’ll have to wait until one comes around again)
  • to see his mosaic sculpture in Chicago and mosaic murals at the Met in New York City
  • to visit the Chagall Museum in Nice
  • to visit All Saint’s Church, Tudely, Kent which has a complete set of his stained glass windows
  • to buy one of his lithographs the next time that I am in Amsterdam


PS Happy Valentine’s Day


2 thoughts on “The Color of Love

  1. Have been holed up again working, and I find here that you have been posting like mad! and all so interesting, lovely, mouthwatering at times etc etc. I was thrilled also to see this post, as I just finished taking a jaunt over to see the Met murals in NYC, which is something I do periodically. I too love Chagall, and dream of going to the museum in Nice. It is a rendezvous with delight, these visits.

  2. I was searching for some fabric on line that may have been inspired by Marc Chaggall and came across your quilt. This is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. Congrats on your work!

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