Frog Spawn

The time of frog spawn is upon us. Two years ago, a very silly frog laid her eggs in a tractor tyre rut in the Oak Field and we spent the next three months topping it up with water, then transporting the young tadpoles to a big plastic box and keeping them fed with boiled lettuce. I put my foot down last year when spawn appeared in the temporary rainfall pond down at the far end of the Long Field. They were put into a bucket and dispatched to a nearby permanent pond. Quite a lovely spot that is ringed with wild irises and covered with water lilies in the summertime.

Last weekend the Long Field pond was filled with four seperate clumps of spawn.



They reminded me of trà sữa trân châu or ‘pearl milk tea’. A very sweet, very milky iced tea with big black balls of chewy tapioca at the bottom of the glass. It is served with a huge straw to suck up the tapioca balls with. Also known as bubble tea or boba , the drink orginated in Taiwan. I had some at Noodle Planet in Alhambra the last time I was in Southern California, in 2002. It was a cool place with great, cheap pan-Asian food – located in an retrofitted Bob’s Big Boy restaurant. The statue of Bob himself still graced the dining room.



But, I digress . . . . . .


En route to the bucket




Ready for transport


New home

When they were put into the water here, there was a frog at the edge of the pond. He may have been one of last year’s relocatees.


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