Gathering Moon

Moon with Saturn and Regulus


I set my alarm for 2:30 am this morning and my cat Titch and I went outside to observe the total eclipse of the moon. There were a couple of owls awake as well, hooting in the distance. The sky was clear until 3 am, the time when the moon was completely covered by the earth’s shadow. The moon was flanked by Saturn – one of my favorite planets (I love the rings!) and Regulus – the brightest star in the constellation Leo.


This lunar eclipse had a very different quality from the one last March. That night was cold and brilliantly clear. When the moon was obscured, the surrounding stars were sparkling and clamorous. That was an eclipse of startling clarity. This one felt more poetic to me, mysterious and hidden.


The clouds came and hid the eclipsed moon, making the night doubly dark. There in the soft, impenetrable darkness the owls quietened and the whole world fell into a hush. It became a gathering time.


Still, dark moments –
a mysterious pearl
hidden by a veil of cloud.


[Image link here]

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