Bacon and Egg Pie

I was requested to make a Bacon and Egg Pie, which is Kiwi cuisine. A bacon and egg pie differs from a quiche in a number of ways, most notably the absence of dairy products (cheese and milk) and the presence of an upper crust. The pie also tends to have a heavier texture and feel, and is generally high in calories. I have seen it described as a ‘very tasty brick’.

I went online to look at a few recipes and cobbled together one that seemed to combine the best of all of them. Purists only use eggs and bacon. In web forums, controversies raged, eg the addition of peas or tomaotes, whether or not the eggs are whisked, shortcrust vs puff pastry.

I made individual pies so they could be customized according to taste.

Bacon and Egg Pies

  • Puff pastry
  • Eggs
  • Bacon, cooked and cut into bite sized pieces
  • Minced parsley
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Chopped onions
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Grated cheese

Roll out the pastry and line an individual buttered tart dish.


Add your ingredients, below are a couple of different variations.


Whole eggs, bacon, parsley, tomatoes and onion

Brush the pastry edge with egg


Whisked eggs, bacon, parsley, cheese and onion

Fold over and crimp the pastry edges, brush with beaten egg and make an air vent


Ready for the oven

Bake at 400° fahrenheit/200° celsius for about 25 minutes


That’s good kai!


These are even tastier heated up the next day.


5 thoughts on “Bacon and Egg Pie

  1. Did you scramble that egg? In one photo it looks whole and in the next it looks scrambled…
    The whole thing looks very tasty! and I want to give it a try!

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