Le Voyage Sacré

Prayer is the art of presence. When the raft of prayer leaves the noisy streams of words and thoughts, it enters the still lake of silence. The deep prayer of the heart continues within you in a silence that is too deep for words to even reach.

– John O’Donohue


This is a prayer book, intimate and small enough to slip into your pocket and carry with you to your private place. It fits into a fabric cover tied with an organza ribbon.

imgp5589_resize.jpg imgp5594_resize.jpg

imgp5595_resize.jpg imgp5612.jpg

I made the face from shredded, wet water soluble paper pressed into a push mold. After it dried, I painted it with gold Markel oil paint stick.


The words and images invite the seeker to enter the mystery of their Soul, to silently contemplate and to look within to find the answer.


Entrez le mystère de votre âme

I used some of my photographs of the labyrinth at Meyers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC and the interior of Exeter Cathedral. I highlighted the photos with gold metallic thread and stitched beads onto the bosses of the cathedral ceiling.




I used buckram instead of Fast2Fuse for the pages to see what effect it would have when lit from behind.


Heavenly and translucent!


Le Voyage Sacré


6 thoughts on “Le Voyage Sacré

  1. This is so astoundingly beautiful that I hardly know what to say. What I love too is what Jenny mentioned – the subtlety. It could have been overdone and gaudy, as so many spiritual talismans seem to be these days. But this is just perfect. It must come from a very special place in you. Thank you for making it and for sharing it. I love it.

  2. Thank you everyone for you comments. They touch me very deeply, in the place where the work comes from. I am so happy and pleased that I have been able to capture and convey some of my inner experience through my artwork, via cyberspace to you.

  3. What a beautiful book and what wonderful words to describe it:
    “enter the mystery of their Soul, to silently contemplate…”.

    We all should be so lucky as to find a quiet spot within to contemplate all that our souls can reveal.

    I find I am always inspired by your photographs and/or your words. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Grace,
    We all have that place within and for me the challenge has been creating the time and space away from the distractions of my ‘outer world’ to enter into it. More recently though, creating my ‘outer world’ to reflect the inner. All part of le voyage sacré.

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