Last Snowfall

We had the first and last snowfall of winter early last Sunday morning. Soft flakes that melted as soon as they touched the ground.

I grabbed my camera and went down to the river. I wasn’t able to capture any decent still images, but it gave me the chance to experiment, explore and try something new! I made this video combining movng image, sound and haiku. If you have speakers or headphones, it has a great soundtrack.


4 thoughts on “Last Snowfall

  1. One of your best Melinda. The whole piece had a oneness and completeness to it, like a shiny, water wet sea shell in which you can hear the ocean. (elegant simplicity?)

  2. Thanks Mike! Nice to hear for my first attempt at video haiku. It feels good to have another medium to capture some of the transient, ephemeral beauty around me. Lots to explore here.
    I like your description. Maybe an idea for another video piece???

  3. I am impressed with the unity of the images, the sound and the print. The haiku is essential to the whole piece. I have played the video a few times, just to hear the sound of the water.

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