Butterfly Paparazzo

Today when I got off the bus and started walking home, I spied a butterfly visiting the honesty flowers that grow at the bottom of the track. I put my bags down, pulled my camera out of my pocket and relentlessly pursued this elusive, winged creature. It gave in and rested on a flower long enough for me to get a few snaps.

Anthocharis cardamines

I have a set of British Butterfly Brooke Bond illustrated tea cards at home and identified this butterfly as an Orange Tip.


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Paparazzo

  1. Patience and technique paid off Melinda. Beautifully captured. We tend to see some of these orange tips in South West Scotland, probably due to the climate being a bit kinder than further North.

  2. Wow! Well done with those photos. We saw several orange tips yesterday, mostly on Ladys Smock. Although Honesty is out here in the Tamar Valley I don’t think I saw any butterflies on them.

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