Journey bundle

This is a . . . . . . hmmmmmmm, I’m not quite sure how to describe it.

It is inspired by the medicine, or sacred bundles used by many Native American tribes. Medicine bundles consist of a large piece of cloth tied with string containing artifacts, eg stones, beads, shells, wood, crystals, tobacco which are considered sacred. Medicine bundles may be personal or tribal and are used for dreaming, the vision quest, protection, meditation or hunting.

Tribal bundles were often called ” grandmothers” as they carried nourishment and nurturing power for the continued well being of the people.

So this is a journey bundle made from canvas, silk, suede, slate, wood, beads and handmade paper. Not quite a map, it is used as a guide on the soul journey. That’s it! A soul journey bundle.


The bundle is lined with lilac silk and unrolls to reveal river-washed slate touchstones, wrapped and placed along a vein of gold silk, the essence of the soul.

riverjourney bundle – inside (20.5″ x 7.75″)

In alchemy, a touchstone is a small tablet of dark stone used to determine the purity of precious metals. On the soul journey, a touchstone can be a person, place, book, work of art, experience or anything which when coming into contact with, brings one’s truest, deepest essence to light.

Numinous – inspiring awe and reverence

On the outside a stylized design of the river is worked in silk dupioni, silk organza and suede.

soul journey bundle – outside

A piece of river driftwood and a suede loop secure the bundle.


7 thoughts on “Journey bundle

  1. I found it very ying and yang with the solid almost masculine quality to the stones, elegantly wrapped in the soft delicately coloured silks. I Love the bead and embroidered embelishment representing the river over it all Melinda, plus your carved toggle.

  2. Thanks Jenny! I’ve had this scroll/unrolling idea for a long time, inspired by old maps, Japanese scrolls and Native American artwork. It feels good to make the idea happen.

  3. Your journal bundle is lovely! I love the way the slate pieces are arranged so carefully and mysteriously along the ribbon. I was reminded of the rolls of anti-tarnishing cloth I have to store my treasured heirloom silver cutlery! Unrolling them at holidays and special occasions is like unwrapping a treasure, with each knife or spoon revealed gradually…

  4. It is a beautiful artwork you have made. I just love the idea about having all the lovely small things, gathered from nature, collected in a beautiful silk- bundle like this. It is very inspiring to see.

  5. Melinda, I love the subtlety of colour and embellishment details against the hard lines of the slate pieces. The pics showing the unfurling does remind one a journey unfolding. Wonderful work!
    …and congrats on your gallery showings.

  6. Very touching story to go along with a beautiful soul journey bundle. I love your river with the driftwood piece to hold it. How thought inspiring. . And the story of the stones is fascinating. I love rocks of any type and hadn’t heard about the touchstones. Thank you for sharing. Found your site from Fannie’s. Have a blessed journey. Hugz, Scary

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