All of my memories . . .

This little quilt is the sister piece to ‘Eloquent River’.

all of my memories2

All of my memories, 12.5″ x 12.5″

It was inspired by this special place along the river.


I started the sketch in the river studio with Neocolor II crayons.

memories sketch

I decided to use fabric paints in addition to the wax crayons on this one, so did much of the rest of the painting in my indoor studio.


At first, I started to get hung up on “I don’t know how to paint, this won’t look like how it really is . . .” so I stopped and wrote and came up with this poem.


I remembered that it doesn’t really matter if it ‘looks like how it really is’, because

All of my memories

paint the river journey

like the fleeting

wild daffodils

and sunshadow tree trunks

falling across the water –

rippling tree reflections

guide the river home.

The river constantly changes from season to season and hour to hour, even in the same spot. My experience and memories of the river also change depending on about a million different things. If I want my artwork about the river to look exactly like how it ‘really’ is, I’ll take a photograph and leave it at that.

In the meantime, all of my memories and impressions will paint and shape the piece I am working on.


Here’s the process I used to work the poem into the piece.

I had already decided the size of the finished piece and the placement of the design elements; the central painted image and the four squares. These were in relation to ‘Eloquent River’. I wrote the poem how I wanted it to flow onto the quilt.


Then I designed the poem on the computer, printed it out and reviewed it


I printed the poem onto handmade paper and painted it with fabric paint,


shredded the edges,


and finally glued the poem into place with acrylic gel medium mixed with paint.


Once I got the text into place on my background, I stitched the painting, which I had already started to thread sketch, onto the centre. I gradually added more paint to the text area as needed so it blended in better.




More detail



9 thoughts on “All of my memories . . .

  1. Melinda, thank you for visiting my blog! – Your work is very beautiful; especially this one! I like the poem, too; it reminds me of the scene I sketched yesterday.
    Kind regards from

  2. Melinda,
    Thank you for sharing your process in these mixed-media creations! I have lots of ideas for projects of my own that will incorporate my writing and all of my arts. I currently have two weeks left in a semester of graduate school and can’t wait for the time to focus on my art. Your blog is such an inspiration for me. I love your video haiku as well as your other pieces. I admire your courage and fearlessness in not only trying new things but publishing them.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Melinda,
    I love your work! It starts out simple and unencumbered. I think I need to free up my ideas and lessen the tiny details I cu t out and add collage to blend things. Thank you for sharing your technique for adding words. I’ll definitely add you to my bookmarks. Thanks for the help

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your technique with us all. What a really lovely result. Congratulations.
    Mary-Ann in New Zealand

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