The gift of the broken camera

I’m an optimist.

Yesterday evening, I turned my camera on and the LCD screen just shows foggy white. I can still take photos, but have no control over the settings or knowing what I am focussing on. I looked online and I may either need to replace my LCD screen or have the software repaired. I’ll take it to the camera shop in Exeter and see what they suggest and get an idea of the repair cost, or maybe it’s time to think about upgrading?? I do feel a bit lost without it though, because it’s always in my pocket.

However, I have started sketching and painting so this will give me the opportunity to do much more. I found an inspiring and encouraging post entitled: ‘Using a sketchbook . . . ‘ on Mai-Britt’s blog linen & silk. She reminds us that using a sketchbook is first and foremost fun and something that you enjoy. Good for me to keep in mind, because all of my perfectionistic tendencies come up when I draw.

I’m also trying to figure out how it works for me. I have a little moleskine notebook that goes in my purse for jotting notes and now tiny sketches while I am at the bus stop or out and about, a 6″ x 8.5″ hardcover journal that I am making a cover for and a spiral-bound A4 sized one with design ideas and lots of writing.

Tiny moleskine sketches

I also have lots of photos stored on my hard drive, so I can write some posts for some of my previous work. Oh! and lots of archived video to be made into tiny films. And I’ve been wanting to make a pinhole camera for a few years now.

So this time of the broken camera is giving me the chance to try something new and think about different ways to capture and share my world.


2 thoughts on “The gift of the broken camera

  1. Thanks for those kind words – and keep up the good work.

    Idea! Go round with your broken camera (that still takes pictures) and take a lot of surprise pictures…… In my case I can set the camera so the screen is off. It will be interesting to see the results, especially with lots of close-ups.

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