I’ve been volunteering for the Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. The workshop is a not-for-profit open access printmaking resource. There are 50 artist members from across the South West and an Outreach Programme that reaches over 1500 people each year.

Printmaking is a medium that particularly lends itself to building confidence in art making. There is safety in the process and through designing, making, inking and printing a ‘plate’ the artist can choose to distance themselves from the end result and allow for unexpected outcomes and effects. When the paper is drawn back from the printing plate and the print is revealed an almost magical process has taken place. Outreach group members are constantly unlocking hidden talents and finding new ways of expressing themselves.

I really like it because it combines my people/counselling skills, my love of artmaking & creativity and my belief that to create is to heal. A big perk is that I get to learn different printmaking techniques too! And I can print onto fabric or paper.

It’s really interesting because it can be spontaneous and messy or quite controlled and thought out. A new medium to explore and integrate into my art making.

feather monoprint, 7″ x 7″

fish stencil monoprint, 7″ x 11″

2 thoughts on “Printmaking

  1. Thanks and they were soooooooo easy to do. I have visions in my mind’s eye of panels of sheer fabric with pale, transparent leaves and feathers falling across the surface . . . and bold bright prints on canvas with foil and metallic threads worked into the surface.

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