Coffee & Collagraphs

Today was a Double Elephant print workshop day. I got into Exeter very early and went to my favourite place for coffee, Café Espresso. It’s tucked away on Little Castle Street and I usually have the whole upstairs to myself in the morning. They make the best lattes in Exeter and have freshly baked croissants and pastries. Best of all it’s not a chain. There’s a good view of the ruined gatehouse of Rougemont Castle, a Norman (11th c.) ringwork fortress from upstairs. The surrounding buildings are Georgian and Regency. A very pretty spot.

At the print workshop we made collagraphs which is sticking flat textured things to a piece of lino or card with white latex paint, letting it dry, coating it with varnish and after that has dried, inking it up and putting it through the press to make a print onto paper. Next week I’ll make some prints off of it . . . . .

River with trees and rocks

Sunlight and shadows


4 thoughts on “Coffee & Collagraphs

  1. This place looks so calm and cosy, I would love to have a latte there.
    This artwork of yours looks very nice already, I´m excited to see how you will change it. It´s very interesting to read about the procedure.

  2. You have found a piece of the world that fits you well, giving you the space to express your feelings.
    You observe the simple things that most of us see as trivial. You also create various textures of your feelings, and display them artisticly.
    It appears that you are truly fortunate in both your vision and surrounding landscapes.
    A complete work of art, of body and soul, escapes the vast majority of us who end up running around in circles (while getting nowhere).

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful reflections and comment, Gerard.
    I find that the more ‘still’ I become the deeper my vision and more complete my art.
    When I was debating moving down here from Scotland a few years ago, someone said, ‘Places find you’. I find that to be true and it’s important for both of us, I and this place, that we are here together.

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