Christow Cats


This is one of John’s recent photographs which I’ve scanned. He’s ‘old school’ and has four 35mm film cameras – a Pentax SLR, 2 Nikon SLRs and a Ricoh compact. I’ve learned a lot about photography from John over the years. Not technical things like f stops and white balance, but how to frame a shot and tips like bringing a diagonal into the corner to give a picture a sense of infinity. More important, how to stop and look and really see a subject.

Maybe while I am in between cameras, I’ll put together an online album of some of John’s work.



‘In between cameras?’ you ask. Yes, sadly, my little Pentax A30 has bit the dust and only a few weeks after I had the LCD screen replaced. Actually it died a watery death. And not even a heroic and glamorous death from being submerged in the river or soaked through in a rainstorm whilst valiantly performing in the line of duty.

No, I put a bottle of water into my purse, upside down, with the cap half-tight, along with my camera. It wasn’t until about an hour later when I noticed water leaking out of my bag that I discovered that my camera was soaked. Oooops!

I sent it away to my repair person and it’s not worth repairing, however he may be able to get me a good deal on a replacement. Maybe someday, I’ll get an SLR, but I love the convenience and performance of the Pentax A30 so am going to stick with that one. Hopefully, I’ll have learned to tighten caps and keep things right side up too.


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