Travelling Full Circle

A couple of days ago I got an email from Tom Schulz, “a painter who works into and around concrete”. Tom designed and created Amaze, the concrete labyrinth project in Charlotte, NC, which I have photographed and worked into my fibre art. Something I love about Amaze is how the surfaces reflect different light values, giving a metallic or translucent sheen to the piece, depending how the light falls across it.

Tom is installing a labyrinth and a prayer wall in a Presbyterian Hospital Hospice next week and has shown them how I have used the labyrinth image in my work, to indicate how the labyrinth travels.

This is so interesting to think about . . . . . the labyrinth travelling .

My experience of the labyrinth is so interior. To walk a labyrinth is to travel within and be led to an inner space.

Yet, I have given an exterior expression to my experience of the labyrinth through my photography and fibre art. I have travelled through the labyrinth and the labyrinth has travelled through me. Now my images are travelling through cyberspace and via my fibre art into people’s lives. Perhaps inspiring other journeys within and without.


One thought on “Travelling Full Circle

  1. I love the irridescent quality of the Le Voyage Sacré images Melinda. Beautifully captured. I would love to see Tom’s concrete art in situ.

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