Money in the Bank!

Yay!  I got an email today confirming that my artmoney is now offered for sale via the Bank of International Artmoney website.  You can check out my profile here.

Artmoney from BIAM (Bank of International Art Money) is an international art project established by the Danish artists Lars Kræmmer and Flemming Vincent in 1998. Artmoney items are original works of art the size of big bank notes (12×18 cm). They are attractive for art collectors, and can also be used as an alternative currency at shops and to pay for accommodation on a host network in Denmark and worldwide. The project has got a great deal of attention because of its comments on art and social cultural policy.  More than 1000 artists from 40 countries participate. More than $80,000,000 of art money has been issued.  Artmoney has been featured at several national and international galleries and events.

My first pieces of artmoney are from my London series of photos.  I took some to Birmingham with me and bartered for a meal and a place to stay one of the nights I was up there.

Bicycle couriers, London

XXX, Soho

Big Ben

Jubilee Bridge

I’ve been planning to take an artmoney trip to Denmark for ages and may just do it quite soon.  I have a few more pieces left from my London series and plan to make some more from my recent Digbeth photos.


2 thoughts on “Money in the Bank!

  1. Hi, I joined as an artmoney artist years ago and take my hat off for Lars Kræmmer who made this possible by consistently working hard to get where bank of international artmoney is today. The whole idea is anarchistic in its core. The idea of waking up one morning and make your own money is fantastic (for other outrageous?) – As an artist I like the thought – and now it is actually more than a thought. Many companies including my own sell product for artmoney (my company takes up to 50% payment in artmoney for my tees and hoodies at (you need to make a special request on my artmoney profile though ( ). Looking forward to get to know you better and welcome you to my house in September

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