Digbeth is Good

It’s true and it is also the name of a bloguide to the Digbeth district of Birmingham, UK, encompassing the emerging arts and cultural scenes, the older Irish Quarter and new neighbourhoods of luxury apartments, brought to us by host Nicky Getgood.

I’ve been giving Digbeth is Good a lot of my attention lately to glean some nuggets from the chock full o’ insider info and links to some happening stuff in the area.  I admit that I am smitten, so much so that I am going back for a few days next week to explore some more of the real and quirky Digbeth – Friday afterwork Pimm’s O’Clock at the Spotted Dog, Ikon Eastside Gallery, bacon bap & cuppa at the Moseley Street Cafe, stay in a Japanese-style pod bedroom and who knows what else I’ll come across?


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5 thoughts on “Digbeth is Good

  1. Yay! It’s great to have a convert! Got your email – the Nat Trust holiday was great ta, but it’s back to Digbeth business now. I’m around that weekend – Pimms at Spotted Dog every Fri evening and am free on the Sunday.
    Only sorry I can’t offer you a place to stay but I’ve a full house at the moment!
    Cheers, Nicky.

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