Otto’s Back in Town!

This July, Exeter lost one of the coolest independent shops in the Northern Hemisphere – Otto Retro.  But happily, it turned out to be a hiatus and by mid-August, Otto returned better than ever.  The owner Sarah trawls markets, estate sales and God knows where else to bring us the cream of ‘Choice Junk’ and at very reasonable prices too I might add.

I’ve picked up some treasures there over the past couple of years . . . .

My first portable typewriter

Beakers – good for measuring cocktails

most of my Observer’s books

My collection of First Aid Cases

Including my most recent acquisition and the crown jewel of my collection, an “Ingot” All British Complete First Aid Outfit.

With compliments of Dried Milk Products, Ltd.

Iodine Paint & Sting Lotion.  Love the cute little brush!

Sticking plasters

Otto Retro is at 127 Fore Street, Exeter in the West Quarter, a thriving specialist shopping area with plenty of nooks and crannies, and around 60 independents to explore.

With a name literally translating as ‘the street before’ — as in ‘the street before the main road’ — the area between what is now Fore Street and Bartholomew Street was once occupied by Exeter’s earliest inhabitants.  The assorted fishermen, hunters and tradesmen who peopled the city in the days when it was little more than a pre-Roman native settlement are thought to have lived on the lower slopes of the hill, using what is now Fore Street as their main route to the east.

And it’s still the best part of Exeter to hunt down unusual bargains and get away from the chains!


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