Custard Factory

A cool place in Digbeth is the Custard Factory.

The former Bird’s Custard Factory has been converted into a hive of creative companies, galleries, fine artists, independent shops and restaurants.

I went into Fragile Design, a vintage 20th century design shop in search of some Lucienne Day fabric to cover a couple old wooden chairs that we rescued from a skip and refinished.  This place has everything for the home from the 50’s and 60’s, including some of Day’s fabric, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Sarah Preisler’s Atelier has a small collection of works (Aug – Sep 2008) by Textile Designer Alison Moger.

Moger takes well used tablecloths and napkins for the starting point in her art pieces.

“All my art pieces have previously been domestic items . . . . .  The tablecloth played a significant role in my childhood and even to this day when I see a tablecloth being thrown open, warm memories come to mind of being brought up in a loving family, having Sunday tea with Grandparents and aunties.  I loved to sit quietly listening to adult conversations whilst running my fingers over beautifully starched linen, memorizing its detail and technique, whilst seeing stories within the textiles, these items are uniquely a human experience and each one will tell a different story.”

Some of them she embroiders with quirky little designs.

This tablecloth was cut into squares and reassembled.

Ideal Skate Shop – a sk8ter and his scooter, a vintage Lambretta

Oh yes, there is also the Custard Factory Sunday Flea Market.  Supposedly, on a good day there are around 50 stalls offering everything from ‘fish to fashion, hand cream to ice cream, bungee jumping (?) to jewellery”.  But this Sunday was a washout, maybe 5 or 6 stalls with some second hand clothes, bric- a-brac and ephemera.  I did pick up another souvenir from Birmingham – a very tiny china jug with the Birmingham coat of arms (from 1936 to 1976) emblazoned on it.

Birmingham – Forward!


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