Spring Returns – inside and out

Just a couple of weeks after the Winter Solstice, I noticed the evenings lightening up and birds singing as I left work on my cycle ride home.  Sometimes it’s not until the end of winter, that I realise just how dark it has been.  The days already have a different feel to them, an opening up and expansiveness as if the earth is stirring and stretching after a long slumber.  Even though it is still very cold, the promise of spring is in the air.  On a very nearly balmy day last week, I took a walk down the lane at lunchtime and found the first primroses in blossom.


The days quickly changed back to wintry however.  After a blustery and rainy weekend, we had a freeze and this morning I had to gingerly walk my bike down the sheet of black ice formerly known as the lane between my cottage and the main road.  Whatever is happening outside though, I’ve brought Spring indoors with these Tete-a-tete narcissi.


There is something so lovely about buds.  Branches and twigs which have been naked since late autumn suddenly become studded with green swellings which contain the promise of a fruit, a flower, a leaf.  I bought some cherry branches last weekend and will watch the hard little buds swell and open into gentle white blossoms.




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