River Song

Sometimes, the essence of a place resonates deep within my soul.  Such a place is Watersmeet, a river crossing in the Teign Valley.  I love to pause on the footbridge spanning the river.  Looking upstream, two waterways come together.  Looking downstream, they have joined and flow together to the sea.



I love the confluence, the point where the two waterways converge.  The ripples and patterns on the surface of each are distinct and sometimes one or the other is silty or clear.  Each watercourse brings its own unique personality.  When they join each other, a new river is formed.

Steve and I captured this conflux with images and words, and put them together to make River Song.




Listen, hear our language
Spelt in ripples on rocks,
Chalked in the swirl of current
And the eddies in our stream.

Look, see our soul shine,
Fleet in dappling shades
That bind the sun and clouds
With waterlight in motion.

Touch, feel our breath,
Where waters meet at last,
Released from yearning
In the deepest depths our joining.

Rejoice, for we are river,
Fed by raindrop,
Suckled by cloud,
Maker of ocean,
Carver of life.

Steve Coxon
December 2008

3 thoughts on “River Song

  1. very powerful combination of words and images, and satisfyingly complete.

    and yet, with this………All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return. Ecclesiastes 1:7;
    there must be a series of quilts/drawings/paintings/writings waiting to be explored?

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