Wild delight

After work today,  I cycled home along the footpath that goes through Sowton Mill.  The setting sun cast its honeyed light on the bank of the river that I rode along.  I paused for a while, basking in the lazy golden sunshine and drinking in the beauty of the wild daffodils, primroses and celandines – the heralds of springtime.





In his book Divine Beauty, John O’Donohue writes about the delights of yellow:

“The colour holds such warmth, brightness and attraction for us because it is the colour of the sun, the source that sustains us.  In terms of its physics, yellow has absorbed red and green and then reflects yellow back.  Red is the colour of life, blood and fire; and green the colour of growth and hope.  Little wonder that yellow has such a life-giving brightness. . . .  Goethe says: ‘Yellow brings with her the nature of brightness and has a delightful, encouraging, exciting and soft quality.’  We see this in spring with the daffodils.”ddha





Wild daffodil and wood anenomes

3 thoughts on “Wild delight

    • I love it too, not just the beauty of the journey, but the transition and the time to reflect between home and work . . . . . and back again. Now that the days are becoming longer I look forward to meandering and exploring on my way home.

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