The time of tiny white feathers

We are still in ‘the time of tiny white feathers’.  It starts sometime in February and goes through late May.  I find them snagged on branches, lying on the pavement and curled up beneath hedgerows, sometimes floating on a breeze.





I have quite a collection of semiplume feathers at home, which I’ve gathered over the course of a couple years. I think they are strewn about when birds shed their extra winter layer and also use them to line their nests.  Semiplume feathers are half-way between a contour feather and a down feather.  They occur between contour feathers and help to supply insulation.

Warmth and home, insulation and protection . . .

Feathering the nest!





I carry them between the leaves of my moleskine notebook or tucked into the change pocket of my wallet.   I found one batch in the side pocket of a handbag I hadn’t used for several months.



It’s curious that this year, I haven’t been noticing and collecting these semiplumes.  I’ve had the idea of a soul shelter coming into tangible form inside of me for about a year and I think that my collection of feathers will come in handy when I get down to making it.


4 thoughts on “The time of tiny white feathers

  1. lovely! i love the way you express the beauty of the most simple and precious things. i will email soon. susan x

  2. I wonder if you know of a name or phrase for the leaves and twigs and other detritus snagged and caught on overhanging branches by rivers. Usually they are accumulations after heavy rains and floods. I have been collecting images of them in my walks and have had to invent my own concepts for these things on my blog.

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