Two Lovely Pams

Such a wonderful and timely treat to have recently received some feedback from two women named Pam from two different countries.  I’ve been feeling wildly unfocussed with Inspiraculum.  What the heck is it????  A (not very much recently) fibre art/cooking/self-indulgent ‘This is my life’ blog. . . or what? Where is it going?  Who knows!

Still, it really is nice to hear that some folk are along for and enjoying the journey.

Pamela in Colorado wrote:

“Please continue to write as it takes me to places I would so love to see. Your pennings are such a treat for me that on occasion I will sit at my computer, coffee in hand and spend an afternoon exploring, enjoying the woods, solitude and the finery of the English countryside (oh! and the cooking too!) with you. Every time I go to England I feel like I’m connected to my soul again.”

And Pam from Australia nominated Inspiraculum for the One Lovely Blog award!

one lovely blog award image

Thanks for sharing the love : )


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