The FoQ

This weekend, Steve and I went up to Birmingham.  Our first stop was a garden party for Muchuu (aka George and Milky) a cute-as-a-button band who write and sing about dreams, things seen on adventures, imagination and escapism; appreciating the real things, the little things that make you smile!  But if you listen to Milky’s lyrics, there are shadowy thickets just beyond the sunny forest glades.


Here’s a music video of ‘Getaway Train’ made by Milky –

The party was held in the new space out back of the Spotted Dog pub, a great little venue for gigs and gatherings. We always love going to the Spotted Dog, as it’s where we met last September.

We went to the Festival of Quilts on Friday.  I handed in my last two Little Gems (one of which I finished hand stitching on the drive up!).

Suncast Shadows III was made from the photo printed onto silk chiffon and handstitched onto an A4-sized piece of some boss synthetic packing material that I keep coming across.  It feels kind of like sueded, thick cling film (Saran Wrap) and it’s wonderfully opaque.  I strategically laminated the haiku onto the boss synthetic stuff with acrylic gel medium


and then stiched the chiffon over it with rows of running stitch in monofilament nylon thread.



Suncast Shadows III

For Suncast Shadows IV, I printed the photo onto acetate, used the boss synthetic stuff for the middle layer and another piece of plain acetate for the backing.  I had laminated the typewritten haiku onto the middle layer.  I zig-zagged the edges and  ‘hand-tied’ the quilt together using grey acrylic thread and beads set in a grid pattern.


Suncast Shadows IV


We wandered around for the afternoon, looking at all of the amazing quilts and meeting people.  For me, some of the most fresh and inspiring works were new students’ work in the Graduate Showcase and European Art Quilt Foundation:  Quilts from the Low Countries.  I had a long and very informative  chat with Claire Benn from Committed to Cloth about photo emulsion and thermofax screens.  I’ve decided to have a couple of thermofax screens made from my photos to see how they can be used.  I added a couple of items to my batterie de l’artiste.  A very fine tipped soldering iron and a needle threader.  Monofilament nylon thread ain’t aka ‘invisible thread’ for nuthin’!


First thing on Saturday morning, before we drove back home, we went to the Rag Market and I got a BIG bag full of nylon organza in riverine blues, greys and greens and Chagallesque emeralds, vermillions, cobalt and amethyst, all for about a tenner.


I’ll use these to continue my exploration of transparency.  I still have Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows in Tudely glowing within.


Another great thing I saw at the NEC was a rain washed aluminum chair seat.



2 thoughts on “The FoQ

  1. I had a listen to Muchuu and I do like their sound. Have never heard them before. Thanks.
    Your Gems are just great Melinda! I love the effects you’ve achieved within them.

  2. Muchuu is a great young band. The gig was their 2nd ever! I’m going to ask them if they’ll let me use one of their songs for a video soundtrack.
    Really happy with the Little Gems too. I finally have the constellation of skills, technique, inspiration and confidence to make the work that I want to make.

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