Cozy Cup

Mmmmmmmmmm .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Steve and I are back home after a lovely week away campering in the Cotswolds.  Campering = camping + pampering.  We camped for 5 nights and stayed for a night in the ’boutique’ Milsom Hotel in Kenilworth.  Our hotel stay was on the evening of our spa day in Lemington Spa.  Utter luxury.  The camping was great, as always, and especially so as the weather was perfect – dry and sunny, not too cool.

I got up very early this morning and had a cup of Rooibos Chai with milk & honey and cinnamon toast, watched the jackdaws on the rooftops, drafted a new post and looked at recipes for an autumn equinox feast we are having this weekend with six of our friends.


I had my tea in a cozy cup that I bought from local potter Gilly Haysom.  It is so called because it is made to cradle perfectly in my hands.


I adore the autumn and winter and am really looking forward to the long dark nights, cozy times at home and dreaming over all that we have done this summer and making plans for the future.  I think my new cup will really come into it’s own in the next few months.


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