Since we live in a top floor flat, our closest neighbours are the jackdaws who nest in the chimneys and congregate on the rooftopos.  This summer the roofs and skies over Moretonhampstead have been filled with hundreds of these birds.   They are the smallest species of Corvus the genus of crows and ravens.  Jackdaws are very sociable and are usually found in pairs or larger groups.  They have so much character as they strut and hop along the rooftops, stopping to peer down their chimney pots.


A clattering of jackdaws

Here’s a recording of their song

Males and females pair together within flocks.  Jackdaws mate for life, and like most birds who follow this custom become engaged early in life, long before sexual maturity. First the young males of a new brood struggle among themselves to decide their individual status, and then pairing with females begins. The jackdaw female promptly upon pairing assumes the same social position of her male.


Mr and Mrs Jackdaw enjoy the misty dawn

Here is a video I made with waves of jackdaws flowing across the summer ocean skies –


5 thoughts on “Jackdaws

  1. So many birds! As they are related to crows, are they as noisy? The crows we have over here can be incredibly raucous. I couldn’t imagine having that sort of noise overhead! 🙂
    Lovely video too Melinda. With that piece of music, I found it rather mesmerising.

  2. You might enjoy “Crow Country” by Mark Cocker – he lives in Norfolk and writes about natural history, and this book is (imho) absolutely fascinating – about rooks, crows, jackdaws in every aspect. I enjoyed your video – we don’t get huge flocks of corvids in London (just pigeons)!

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