Yesterday was the first springtime feeling day, well, since last spring.  It was mild, a little bit balmy and lots of walkers and cyclists were out.  Steve and I got up early to go to a dowsing workshop, but it had been cancelled so we went to Sowton Mill to look for the first wild daffodils.  We were still a couple of weeks early for the beautiful yellow display that will carpet the woodland floor and edge the river banks, so we plan to return in March.

We took a lovely, long walk along footpaths, though woods and over fields to discover how the world is waking up from the restful quietude of winter.

Some plants quietly uncurl through openings in the leaf litter .  .  .  .  .

While others thrust up out of the ground!

Bare branches and hedgerows, newly sprouting crops

Proud mother

Snoozy lamb

On a hillside footpath we found a window frame that we had propped up on a tree about about 18 months ago on Steve’s first visit to see me in Devon.

October 2008

February 2010

Trees reflected in a flooded field


3 thoughts on “Resurgence

  1. Love the early daffodils and spouting buds, never knew there were wild daffodils…thrills my soul..

    ..and Oh my, I love the sheep mommie and little twin lambs…..

    Lush rolling hills and damp fallen leaves with spring beginning to pop.

    Beautiful photography.

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