Dérive urbaine

I’m really excited about these two pieces of artmoney.  They are constructed from acetate, rice paper, synthetic packing material and eyelets.  I used photos of reflections on the pavement next to the River Thames in London.

Dérive urbaine, nos. 1 & 2

Last summer I made an A4-size Little Gem quilt from synthetic packing material sandwiched between acetate.  I ‘tied’ the quilt with beads.  I would have liked to have used eyelets, but at the time I only had a plier type eyelet setter which only allowed me to get in 1/2″ from the border.

Suncast Shadows IV

I recently purchased an X-cut eyelet setter, which I can use to place eyelets anywhere, anytime.  I tried it out on my artmoney and it works great!  I’ve been thinking since last summer about going large with this.

I have a huge 4′ x 6′ piece of synthetic packing fabric that our new kitchen table arrived in and an idea about posterizing one of my Southbank photos onto several sheets of acetate, adding some words and layers beneath and fastening it together with eyelets.  Should be challenging and fun to experiment with!


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