Las dos Melindas

Steve and I had our engagement photos taken in January by Emma Solley, our wedding photographer.  I took in with me the only photograph that I have of my great grandmother and namesake, Melindy Phillips, and asked Emma to take my portrait echoing the one of her.  I shared this with my fellow monks & artists on my online WOTM course and really love these words that someone used to describe the picture  .  .  .  .  .

“the past looks to the future, the present draws strength from the past”


3 thoughts on “Las dos Melindas

    • It is a treasure. I never met any of my great or grandparents on either side. I feel a real bond with great grandmother Melindy and I feel very tearful in a good way about this photo.

  1. Wonderful to see this photo from the distant past but very present looking toward you. I love it and think it very touching you feel very close to her.

    Also, the very best to you and Steve on your journey together.

    Marcia Miner

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