Be here now

Today is the day that I will receive the 200,000th visit to Inspiraculum.   I thought of what to write about, how to mark the occasion, what to give as a special offering.  Yet it is really just another extraordinary day.

Yesterday, when I was at work, I turned to pick up my glass and have a drink of water.  A shaft of brilliant sunlight had fallen on the spot where it sat.  The glass and the water and the sunlight all played together to make a beautiful sculpture transmitting concentric rings and beams.

It was so beautiful.  I paused and looked and felt grateful for the brilliant sunshine after a cold, rainy week and the coming of spring and the beautiful luminescence cast by the water and glass and sunlight.  Then I had a drink and went back to my task.  But somehow more in the present.

So this is my gift to you, today and everyday.  A reminder to stop and be wherever you are  .  .  .  now.  To look and see what wonderful thing or moment or person, plant or animal is right in front of you.  Yes, maybe it is ‘just another day’, but there is extraordinariness to be found if you look for it.

Nothing is worth more than this day.
ohann Wolfgang von Goethe

4 thoughts on “Be here now

  1. You have a way of seeing the extraordinary beautiful in the most ordinary in life. I so wish you lived closer….I’m going to have to get another trip going to the UK just to see you and meet your hubby (he will be that by the time I get there, ha, ha).

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