Staying connected

Now that Steve and I are married, back from our honeymoon and taking our first steps in our marriage, I had resolved to stop going on endlessly about my wedding which had totally dominated my participation in SOMA (my online artistic/spiritual community), all of the artwork I’ve been making for the past four or five months and a goodly part of Inspiraculum.  But I can’t  .  .  .  .  stop going on endlessly about it.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life – not just the hugeness of the rite of marrying another person, entrance into womanhood in a deeper way, but the days themselves – both of them because we had two weddings. The first a civil ceremony to satisfy the ‘authorities and law makers’ and the second, our soul ceremony. One of our soul wedding guests said ‘This isn’t a wedding. This is a performance’. Not a performance as in a made-up story, but Steve and I were acting out our love for each other and for beauty and for deep meaning and for fabulous food in every last detail of our weddings.

In a way, our  soul wedding is my greatest work of art to date, encompassing not only the objects that I made – table runners, wedding quilt, altar cloth and altar vessel – the objects that we designed and commissioned others to make for us – invitations, engagement & wedding jewellery, food, desserts – but the rituals that Steve and I chose to perform – handfasting, labyrinth walk, scattering of rose petals onto slate –  and I think there is much more art work to come from the experience, as it ripens.  Our wedding was a beautiful occasion and work of art that Steve and I dreamed, imagined, conceived and brought to life together.  What a co-creation!  And the first of many, I dare say!

just married

Steve is away for his work for the first time in about three weeks.  From the week before our weddings, through our Italian honeymoon and for the first week back into our married life, we were together constantly during a very intense time.  And it was great!  And I miss him terribly!!  But we are experts at staying in touch long distance and have phone calls, texting, Facebook and our blog to stay connected with each other.

I’ve also been hooking back into SOMA, posting our first wedding and honeymoon photos onto Facebook, doing a spot of writing on my blog, meeting and talking with my neighbours, sharing some of the deeper things with friends and colleagues.

Tonight is chilly, grey and a little bit rainy.  I had my long purple linen dress and robe on earlier but have changed into my cuddly pj’s and socks.  I got really hungry around 8:30 and rather than heat up a pretty nice pre-fab Co-operative classic mini lasagne bake, I rooted about in the fridge and larder and found some pretty fine tailings to use for a nice bowl of comfort food.

I cut two pieces of free range green back bacon into strips and sautéed them with a sliced shallot in some butter.  Then put some tagliatelle on to boil.  I chopped up some organic, biodynamic chard from Moon Farm and steamed it over the pasta.  I added a squirt of tomato paste, some paprika and crushed chili flakes to the bacon and shallots.  Then after a while, I poured in half a container of single cream.  While it gently simmered, I put some fresh Pecorino Romano into the grater.  When everything was piping hot, I scooched it all into a bowl, texted Steve a photo of it and ate.

I am so grateful to have such great food at my fingertips, such a beautiful and tranquil home to live in, such a great community to connect with right outside my front door and out in cyberspace and such a wonderful companion in my husband Steve to share all of this with.



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