Banishing and Beckoning

Today is the Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  Such a ripe time and a very good day for making wishes, here in the fullness of summer.

Foxgloves and honeysuckle

I’ve been cat sitting Titch.


Twice a week I go to the place where I lived for about four years.  It wasn’t Home, but an important stage along the way.  It’s a beautiful tucked away place, hidden in the Devon countryside.

There’s a fire ring out in the wild back garden and this evening I lit a mid-Summer fire.

I wrote out some wishes for myself, a wish for Steve, a few wishes for the two of us and a wish for a friend who needs a little bit of grace.  In 1992, I lived for a summer at Dragonback Ranch in Colorado.  On the solstice, we lit a bonfire in the meadow and as we jumped over the fire, we called out things that we wanted to either banish from or beckon into our life.  So I jumped my little mid-Summer fire as I burned each wish and beckoned something into my life.  And I realised that this year, I don’t have anything I feel the need to banish from my life.  And that is a very nice feeling.


4 thoughts on “Banishing and Beckoning

  1. Love the photos of your special place and what a wonderful way to observe the summer solstice by banishing that which no longer belongs. I am so enjoying how you are expressing your new love with Steve….may this beautiful feeling continue to reign for you both.

  2. thanks for sharing your solstice experience with us
    the tree-lined road beckons to me, what a lovely place to walk

    while you’re celebrating summer solstice and a return to cooler darker days, here in the land downunder we’re celebrating winter solstice and the returning light

    if you’d like to experience solstice upside down 🙂 head on over for a look see at xfacta

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